CW: Guns 

GQP strategy is all kinds of backward. It's no surprise RollingStone had this article revelation -
‘Ignore Guns, Talk Inflation’: Memos Show GOP Strategy After the Uvalde Massacre

RE: last post...
Some people, or party (GQP), just want to watch the world burn. Truth is, like the last democrate pres, they won't help or pass anything that benefits the people just so they can continue to blame democrats

I've always struggled to stay organized and my recent ADHD diagnosis has me rethinking how I keep to tasks and items.
While organizers have never worked long-term, I'm actually thinking they might this time. My solution?
Pick my top 3 organizers and rotate them weekly if not monthly. That is, if the medium is fresh in my mind with constant change it may actually help keep me engaged.

Sometimes I over plan and stretch myself thin. For example, today I was supposed to go to a dog event nearby after gym, and then go to a consultation. Turns out, I wont have time for the dog event.
Evernote to the rescue? 😕

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I dislike using the term 'work-life' balance because i feel like it's a buzzword that's lost its importance. I also feel somewhat guilty for wanting to spend more time away from work.

Man. It's been a hectic couple of weeks. It's starting to get to a point where I think it might be best to look for a better job--one with a better work-life balance.
sigh, though I hate to use that term for some reason.

CW: Mass shootings 

Looking at the mass shootings that have occurred coming out of the pandemic restrictions is just... stomach-churning. Additionally, it's hard to keep track of which one is which with so many starting to happen.
Like wtf?

Took a nice mini vacation this weekend. Went to this bavarian town; ate, drank, and samples all sorts of items. Oh, and went ziplining. It was great and much needed time off. It's been a crazy and hectic few weeks at work.

Ugh. Migraine.
I used to have them a few times a month but now it's a few times a week. I'm wondering if it's time to visit the doc 😕

Huge fan of The Daily Beans. A spin-off of The Mueller Report from way back when 44 was under investigation.
Digestible bites, laughs, with lots of sources.

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Ha! Now that's a funny account. I'm wary of that instance--it can go either way.

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Planned Parenthood Action Fund Is organizing gatherings throughout Colorado on May 14. Those looking for direct action (not directed at an individual) see if there is an event in your state on this site. I plan to attend the Denver event. It should be powerful! Stay tuned. ☕️💥 Looks like a May14 event. Sadly I'll be out of town, but I'm looking at other ways to support.

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